Preisträgerin und Preisträger 2004

1. Preis ex aequo:

Paolo Ghisletta, Ph.D.
Structural Dynamic Support for Dedifferentiation of Cognitive Functioning from the Swiss Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study on the Oldest-Old: An Application of a Dual Change Score Model with Retest Effects.
Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences (in Review)

Dr. phil. Daniel Zimprich
Subjective Cognitive Complaints, Memory Performance, and Depressive Affect in Old Age: A Change-Oriented Approach.
The International Journal of Aging and Human Development. A Journal of Psychosocial Gerontology 57, 2004

2. Preis ex aequo:

Evelyn Huber, MSN
Das Leben mit Schmerzen meistern – Ältere Frauen als Expertinnen im Umgang mit chronischen Schmerzen des Bewegungsapparats.
Pflege, 2004 (zur Publikation angenommen)

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Papassotiropoulos
Increased Brain Beta-Amyloid Load, Phosphorylated tau, and Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, Associated with an Intonic CYP46 Polymorphism.
Archives of Neurology, 60, 2003.


Laudationes 2004 (PDF, 187 KB)

Die Preisträger des Vontobel-Preises für Altersforschung 2004.
Von links: Ph.D. Paolo Ghisletta, Prof. Andreas Papassotiropoulos, Evelyn Huber (Master in Nursing Science), Dr. Daniel Zimprich.
(Bild: Adrian Ritter, unipublic)