Joyce Tang Boyland

Joyce Tang Boyland, Ph.D., M.A.

Guest Researcher 2013 – 2014


  • Consulting, research, and writing

Focus areas

  • social and cultural psychology: especially Chinese and American cultures, identity, autonomy and interdependence
  • community psychology: especially social network analysis, asset-based community development, and disability studies
  • cognitive psychology: especially cognition and culture change, usability, universal design
  • placemaking: especially urban design, transportation, complete streets

Brief Vita

  • 1986 A.B. in Computer Science, Harvard University
  • 1986-1987 Technical Assistant in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • 1992 M.A. in Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1996 Ph.D. in Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1996 - 1998 Post-doctoral Researcher, Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 1998 – present Asst. Professor, Psychology, Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI
  • 1999 – present Adjunct Asst. Professor, Linguistics, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • 2006 – 2007 Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, Nanjing University (China)
  • 2013 – 2014 Guest Researcher, Center for Gerontology, University of Zürich (Switzerland)

Representative Activities

  • Invited.  “Seeing who we are by making friends with age.” Book review in The Living Church.
  • Taiwan 2014: New Information and Cultural Insights Entrepreneurs Need to Start a Business in Taiwan (co-written with Derek Sivers)
  • 2014. “Crossing at the Intersections: Placemaking and the Holy."  Paper presented at Sacrality and Materiality: Locating Intersections (European Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality),  Kloster Kappel, Kappel am Albis, Switzerland, January 7-8, 2014. 
  • 2013. “Embracing eccentricity: translation as a job for the eccentric embracer.” Paper presented at Inclusion and Eccentricity, Exclusion and Embrace (University of Zürich),  Montmirail, Thielle-Wavre, Switzerland, September 4, 2013.  
  • 2012. “Children's Lives: 1900 to present: East and Southeast Asia,"  in Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, & Africa: An encyclopedia,  ed. A. Stanton, E. Ramsamy, P. Seybolt, & C. Elliott,  SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, pp. III221--III223.
  • 2012. “Cognition, Culture, and Parenting in Chinese and American Contexts:
    Psychological Theory and Research."  Hohai University, Nanjing, China, June 25, 2012. 
  • 2010 (with R. Deines). “Community Conversations amid Group Polarization: Engaging with the Other, Despite Guilt by Association." Them Among Us conference, Alverno College, October 9, 2010.   
  • 2010. “Disability and Aging: The Dynamics of Becoming THEM."  Them Among Us conference, Alverno College, October 9, 2010. 
  • 2009. Building on Hope: Grace for Public Spaces conference (lead organizer), Marquette University, April 2009.
  • 2009. Scientific Approaches to Cultural Identity and Social Change.  Lecture series presented in Nanjing, China, as winner of the OYCF Ford Teaching Fellowship. 
  • 2007. “Social identity and cultural change in the context of  cross-cultural contact: Language change as a model." Talk presented at the Sociological Seminar, Nanjing University, June 13, 2007.
  • 2006. “Aging from the moment we are born: Who will we become?” 5-session class taught at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Milwaukee, WI. 
  • 2005. Award address. Awareness of Geriatric & Elderly Issues grants, Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges.

Professional Organizations

  • Congress for the New Urbanism Wisconsin chapter (Board Director 2010-2013).
  • Association for Psychological Science.
  • Society for Community Research and Action (American Psychological Association Division 27)