Center of Competence for Gerontology

Who we are and what we want

The Center for Gerontology is an interdisciplinary and inter-faculty Center of Competence of the University of Zurich. It aims for scientific foundations for aging with good quality of life, and to this purpose strives towards interdisciplinary networking of research and teaching in all fields of gerontology.

The Center raises awareness for gerontological issues in economics, politics, church, as well as in the public, and fosters collaboration among researchers, older people and professionals from various fields of services and work for elderly people.

Join us for research projects

We always welcome volunteers with an interest in taking part in research projects, either as participants or in order to get otherwise actively involved in a study, be it at the Center for Gerontology or similar institutes. If interested in a Center for Gerontology project, please contact us.


University of Zurich
Center for Gerontology
Pestalozzistrasse 24
CH-8032 Zurich

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Tel. +41 44 635 34 20
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