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Old Age – a societal challenge

Considerable growth rates in the number of old and very old people currently shape society – a trend that will continue to persist in the coming decades. The risks and chances that come with this demographic change affects all generations, as for example in the contexts of social, financial and medical eldercare, the care of family members, or counseling and prevention.

This development gives way to a multitude of questions regarding adequate approaches on both individual as well as societal levels towards the future social, emotional, ethical, political, legal, and financial dynamics of aging and old age. This includes questions pertinent to societal participation and integration of older people, early recognition of high-risk developments, handling of burdens, prevention and treatment of age-related morbidities, the potential of training programs and other interventions, counseling, caregiving and education as well as preparation for old age.

By means of networking between social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and medical disciplines, as well as linking up with demands of applied gerontology, such questions can be answered and evidence-based guidelines developed.

Generate Knowledge about «Good» Aging

The Center for Gerontology of the Zurich University aims for scientific foundations for an aging process with good quality of life. In order to do so it strives towards interdisciplinary collaboration of research and teaching in all fields of gerontology.

The Center raises awareness for gerontological issues in economics, politics, culture, church and the larger public and fosters collaboration and understanding among researchers, older people, and professionals from various fields of services and work for elderly people.

Research, Development, Transfer

The Center for Gerontology researches conditions and possibilities, especially of

  • the promotion and stabilization of quality of life in old age and in the aging process
  • the participation of elderly people also in aging research
  • the knowledge transfer between research and practice

It conceives and pilots

  • innovative counseling approaches for the application of gerontological knowledge in the contexts of individual living conditions and social structures
  • methods to measure, promote and stabilize quality of life in old age
  • methods related to practice for the evaluation of gerontological interventions

The Center for Gerontology provides

  • opportunities for collaboration between researchers in gerontology at the University of Zurich and other research institutions
  • findings from gerontology research for the professional and larger public as well as gerontological enquiries from the practice for researchers
  • action knowledge in the form of consulting services for older people, family members and professionals
  • basic knowledge concerning gerontological research methods for interested professionals and multipliers
  • high quality programs of further education for gerontologists on all levels of academic qualification