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Zentrum für Gerontologie (ZfG)

IAMCare – Medical Technologies for the Personalized Care and Management of Dementia

CTI project in partnership with ImCare AG, the Division of Psychiatry Research and Hospital for Psycho-geriatric Medicine, University of Zurich and the Institute for Software, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil


The intended project is aimed at the development of web-based and mobile care technologies that can monitor health and deliver care solutions in real-time. The technology platform, IamCare, provides a personalized approach to dementia care that integrates information, monitors and tracks the occurrence of problem behaviors, provides communication tools and presents data so that individuals are engaged and empowered in their own healthcare with reduced burden for caregivers.

Scientific and technological objectives and the deliverables

The scientific and technological objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

  1. to design a mobile application for the IamCare™ technology platform;
  2. to develop a personalized real-time health management system for dementia;
  3. to create a novel information portal that comprises credible and authoritative health and clinical content and self-care practical 'hands-on' solutions for the management of dementia;
  4. to evaluate clinical outcomes of the IamCare™ product in patients and caregivers.

Research and development tasks of the Center for Gerontology (ZfG)

The ZfG is adding to the clinical content and behaviour management solutions and the tracking and reporting system.

Duration of the project at ZfG: 9/2012 – 2/2013

Dr. Sandra Oppikofer,